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Apprenticeship as a gardener

Field landscape gardening

In our company you can learn the profession of the gardener, field landscape gardening. The job profile ranks among the most versatile in the handicraft. You work with a large number of buildings and materials: Wood, metal, natural stone, soil, plants, electrical connection, water, etc. and you learn the professional use of machines and devices. You get also introduced to the organization and administrative activities.
Mr. Herold lectures since 1993 at the Technische Fachhochschule Berlin (Technical University of applied sciences) and supports the institute Großbeeren. Thus there exists an important connection between theory and exercise.Latest knowledge in the teachings and in the handicraft is integrated continuously into our company and we teach this knowledge our students in lecture activities. We set value on engagement and responsibility in the apprenticeship.
Should you have interest in an apprenticeship of a gardener in a nice team, we can answer you all questions about the training.